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Steiner Binoculars are simply awesome.

Steiner binoculars are used by the US military, so you can count on 100% reliability when you take them hunting, no matter what the weather is doing.
Steiner binoculars come in several different shapes and sizes, the smallest being an 8x22 and the largest a huge 20x80mm for military/marine use.
The Predator series of Steiner binoculars is nothing short of brilliant. Selected predator models have CAT (Color adjusted transmission) lens coating.

What does it do? It blocks haze and foliage and enhances the visibility of certain colors, making game animals more visible, even at great distances. These binoculars are exactly what hunters need.
The Night Hunter is another excellent Steiner binocular. The best hunting is usually at dawn and just before dusk and these binoculars are engineered to maximize sight in low light conditions. These Steiner binoculars capture the diminished light and offer the user brilliant color and brightness.
Steiner binoculars are not cheap, but you are getting alot of optical power for your money. These binoculars will last a lifetime of use and are a worthwhile investment.

All Steiner binoculars are fully shock-proof and guaranteed against fogging and leakage. This means you can use them in the toughest and roughest of conditions and never worry.
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